Aggravated Sexual Battery in Alexandria Virginia

The aggravated sexual battery in Alexandria Virginia is among the most common crimes. According to law, there are several crimes that can be categorized under the sexual battery. However, the aggravated sexual battery assault in Alexandria Virginia leads to grave consequences where the offender is punished heavily by the court of law. The sexual battery is among those crimes which leave long-lasting effects on the victim as well as on the offender. Whether the offender is proven guilty by law or not, the effects of being accused of aggravated sexual battery assault in Virginia can have lasting effects on one’s life.

Following are some of the indications which are outlined by the court of Virginia law. According to the law, following actions by an individual constitute as aggravated sexual battery assault in Alexandria Virginia:

  • The age of the victim is not older than 13.
  • The suspect aimed at exploiting the mental or physical condition of a victim.
  • The suspect can be a grandparent, stepparent, or a parent.
  • The victim is not older than 17 years old.
  • The suspect assaulted the victim with an intention of sexually exploiting him/her.

In addition to the above actions, the Virginian law has also added more detail in order to be specific when dealing with aggravated sexual battery assault in Alexandria Virginia. According to the following outlined laws, the suspect is deemed guilty even if he/she has not touched the victim physically. These laws are as follows:

  • The victim is under 13 years of age.
  • The suspect has caused mental or physical injury to the victim on a serious level.
  • The suspect has threatened the victim to use a deadly weapon if the victim does not oblige to the suspect’s demands.

Aggravated sexual battery assault in Alexandria Virginia may impose heavy fines on the suspect. In addition to this, the suspect may also face imprisonment and in case of being a parent, he/she may lose the custody of the child. However, these are only some of the consequences of committing a sexual battery crime in Virginia. In case of imprisonment, it is essential on the part of the guilty party to abide by the sentence given by the court of law. It is important to note here that there is next to none possibility of appealing for reducing the sentence given by the court of Virginian law.

On the other hand, if  an individual has certain carnal knowledge about the victim being under 15 years and still he/she continues to commit sexual battery against the child, that individual will surely be convicted by the court. Taking indecent liberties with a minor also constitutes as sexual battery given that the suspect is older than 18 years old. But in case of the wrong accusation of committing sexual battery crime, an experienced sex crime lawyer can be the answers to your question. Hiring an experienced sex crime lawyer allows the individual who is not guilty to present his\her evidence to support the fact that he/she has committed no such crime. Hiring a lawyer is the most sensible decision because, in sexual battery crime cases, it becomes difficult for the suspect to prove his/her innocence.