Going to Traffic Court for Speeding Ticket in Fairfax County

The traffic violations related to speeding offenses can bring very serious outcomes in Fairfax County. The penalties for the same could range from a fine to an active imprisonment and suspension of your driver’s license. Before you decide to go to court to whether you are required to or you wish to challenge the charges, you must consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in order to provide you with the relevant information to understand between the severity of different kinds of charges and implications of each such a regular speeding ticket or a speeding ticket for reckless driving. Your Fairfax speeding ticket lawyer can also help you to build a strong defense in order to protect you from the strict penalties and lasting impacts for being convicted for a traffic violation.

Another way to deal with a speeding ticket is to prepay the ticket, however by doing so, it will mean that you have accepted the charges against you. Although it will save you from the hassle of going to the court and paying online at the convenience of your home. But there will be further issues associated with doing so. You will not only miss the chance for challenging the charge, which if you may have, might lead to a complete dismissal or at least reduction in the actual charges. You may not only miss the opportunity to lessen the penalty associated with the charge, but acceptance of charge will add up to your DMV demerit points and eventually result in increased insurance premiums. Other than the usual speeding tickets, if you are charged with the ticket of reckless driving, than you will be required to appear in the court. You must always distinguish between the speeding ticket and reckless driving ticket and always consult a speeding ticket lawyer to discuss the court procedures.

A speeding ticket is a traffic infraction and on the other hand reckless driving is a criminal charge. Former is punishable by a simple fine and demerit points while later may lead to a conviction for a criminal offense which can result in heavy fines, considerable imprisonment and driver’s license suspension. Whether you have received a regular speeding ticket or a ticket for reckless driving, always consider consulting with a speeding ticket lawyer and remain prepared to go to court if you do not wish for increased insurance premiums, DMV demerit points and heavy fines.