indecent liberties jail time In Virginia

Sex crimes run the gamut across a wide variety of activities, all of which are heinous. However, the categories that have been created are very important indeed because of the fact that they are going to help the court system ascribe different punishments according to the severity of the crime. After all, there are a lot of people out there that are going to end up suffering but the person that is raped will have suffered a lot more than someone that suffered sexual battery. The punishment needs to fit the crime after all.

One category of sex crimes that a lot of people don’t know about is the indecent liberties law. Basically, if you have someone that is in your care, you have a lot of power over them. This includes people in your care that are sick, people that are in your care who are too young to know what they are doing, people that are mentally handicapped, anyone essentially that is powerless to stop you from doing whatever you want to them. If you perform sexual acts on such people, these acts are by their very nature nonconsensual, which is why the courts are going to find you guilty of indecent liberties if you actually end up doing something like this.

These indecent liberties carry some pretty serious penalties with them. There are a lot of factors affecting your jail time, though. However, one thing that actually does not change your jail time is perhaps the age of your victim. Anyone that is liable to have indecent liberties taken with them are just as innocent as a child. That being said, a child victim is definitely going to get more support and is going to get a lot of sympathy for a jury. Juries can have a pretty serious impact on how long the prison sentence the judge provides is, so in this manner the age of the victim actually does matter, even if it doesn’t really matter in terms of the actual law. In essence, there are no laws that mandate heavier penalties for younger victims, it is more that human emotions will result in you getting sent to jail for a longer period of time if your victim is a child because there is a range of years that you could get and it is at the judge’s discretion what you actually end up getting.

The jail time for indecent liberties can go anywhere from five to fifteen years, although there are cases where judges have been even harsher by removing the possibility of parole and preventing the people that are being convicted of this crime from getting a lot of the privileges that might have made their stay in jail easier than it would have been otherwise. The important thing to remember is that the defense needs to try and get the conviction to be lighter, this is often the only option that people tend to have.