Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Henrico, Virginia

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is a term that means the act of touching a person with sexual intentions, without their consent, under the influence of drugs, with force, or coercion. It is also a wider term for the majority of sex crimes including rape, groping, and torture in a sexual manner, and child sex abuse.

Laws on Sex Crimes – Virginia – Henrico

There are several different sexual acts, which might result in the criminal charges in the state of Virginia. Sexual assault, which is also commonly called as rape, as per Henrico – Virginia law is defined as;

Rape – Virginia Code Section 18.2-61 states that rape is the act of engaging someone in sexual acts using force, coercion, intimidation, or under the influence of drugs or having sexual intercourse with children under the age of 13 or minor – above age 15 but below 18 years or with someone who is mentally or physically helpless.

Penalties for Sexual Assault – Virginia – Henrico

The penalties for sexual assault may vary on the type of case being dealt. Generally, a person proven to have committed the crime may face minimum five years to a maximum of a life imprisonment. The final sentence is dependable on the circumstances and nature of the sexual assault. Furthermore, severe penalties are sentenced to those who are accused and proven to have committed sexual assault with a child younger than 13 or a minor, this may add a 25 year to a lifetime of imprisonment as the mandatory minimum prison sentence, this too depends on the severity of the crime.

Sex offenders must also register themselves in the Virginia Sex Offender Registry. Thse sex offenders who fail to comply with adding their names to the mandatory sex offender’s registration of their names in the Virginia Sex Offender Registry intentionally or those who provide false information to the registry may face very serious consequences, including the returning to the prison or jail.

What Must Be Proven in a Sex Crimes Case?

In a sexual assault case, as per the Virginia Code 18.2-61,  the physical act must be proven for the sexual assault crime primarily, as per the secondary requirements, the act should be proven to be against the will of the victim, by force or by intimidation, or with a person who is unable to give his consent to the act.

What Should You Do?

If you find yourself to be a part of an investigation for a sexual assault case, it is important that you contact a good professional defense lawyer for sexual assault. The lawyer would be working with you to understand the details of the incident and would help you to find a way out of the situation with minimum damage on your part.

A sexual assault defense attorney would present your case in a way that allows you to get away without a penalty, monetary or imprisonment. Further, it would help you escape the sex offender’s registry and reduce the damages that you might otherwise suffer in your future personal or professional life.

It is, hence, advisable that you contact a good and skilled sexual assault defense attorney as soon as you face any such accusation.