Solicitation of a minor in Richmond Virginia

One of the strictest areas of criminal law in Richmond Virginia is sex crime related to minors. Richmond Virginia is strict in dealing with all the sex crime charges in which the victims are minors. According to Richmond Virginia laws, any child below the age of 18 is considered to be a minor. Sex crimes are a wide category which carries multiple harsh penalties for each sex crime. As the law enforcement authorities are sensitively dealing with the sexual abuse of minors even the intention of committing a sexual abuse is penalized by the court of Richmond Virginia. Thus in order to curtail the increasing sex crimes with a minor, the undercover agents of officers carry out sting operations to arrest individuals who can potentially Solicitation a minor with an intention of committing any sexual activity.

What to do if you are charged with solicitation of minor charges?

If you are charged with solicitation charges in Richmond Virginia, you seek the help of an experienced lawyer who would defend your case and help you in getting out of the challenges of the solicitation of a minor case. The law has granted every citizen the right of staying quite. It is highly recommended that the charged individual stay quiet and exercise their right if any law enforcement officers question them. It is equally important that you understand what solicitation is and the elements of solicitation.

Understanding what is online solicitation of a minor

The term solicitation of a minor means that the individual has engaged in a conversation with a minor that has or can lead to the sexual abuse of the child. The solicitation punishes the individuals on the basis of their intention such as setting up a date with the minor or call them at their residence with an intention of having any kind of sexual activity. Although if you are charged with solicitation of a minor, the first thing that would pop into your mind is No such activity actually took place? However, the court of Richmond Virginia account the intention of the accused person, which could lead the individual to serious criminal charges

According to Virginia Code section § 18.2-374.3

“It shall be unlawful for any person to use a communications system, including but not limited to computers or computer networks or bulletin boards, or any other electronic means for the purposes of procuring or promoting the use of a minor for any activity in violation of 18.2-370 or 18.2-374.1. A violation of this subsection is a Class 6 felony.”

Elements of solicitation:

The law of Richmond Virginia strictly prohibits every citizen to adopt any of the following activity:

  1. Ask a minor to expose his Genitals
  2. Ask a minor to stroke the individual’s genital
  3. Another form of solicitation of minors which falls in this category is solicitation with the intention of prostitution or human trafficking
  4. Ask minor to stroke his own genital
  5. Apart from communicating with the child to involve him in sexual abuse in future, the law even prohibits the individuals to collect store or distribute indecent pictures of a minor which are exposing their genitals.
  6. Expose his genitals to any minor.
  7. Inviting a minor to his accommodation or any other private place with an intention of conducting any such illegal acts.
  8. The individuals can even be charged for exposing their genitals to minors.