Why is it Important to Have a Reckless Driving Attorney in Fairfax County, Virginia

Many drivers of Fairfax County, Virginia, often confuse a speeding ticket with a reckless driving ticket when a police officer pulls them over and hands them their ticket. The consequences of being charged with reckless driving are much more serious than being charged with a speeding ticket.

Reckless driving is taken as a traffic violation In Fairfax County, Virginia. The punishment and charges for these violations are dealt with a Class 1 misdemeanor. Those reckless drivers will not only have their license confiscated and pay a fine of $2500, but also have to serve up to twelve months’ time in jail. The driving record will also be showing demerit points, which will impact on the automobile insurance.

Reckless Driving Charges in Fairfax County, Virginia

In Fairfax County, reckless driving cases are dealt with severity. Unlike a speeding ticket that only requires you to pay a fine, reckless driving has far more serious charges. To further understand charges and how they can affect, talk with the Fairfax County’s reckless driving attorney.

Why Should You Have A Fairfax County, Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney?

  1. Individuals having no representation by counsel will not be considered by Fairfax Prosecutors.

One of the policies in Fairfax County’s Commonwealth Attorney’s Office requires the defendant to have their attorney, in order to talk with the prosecutor or the police officer. If you have failed to hire your own attorney, you will not be able to work out and negotiate your charges with the prosecutor or the police officer.

  1. Reckless Driving is considered as a criminal charge in Fairfax County, Virginia

If a driver has been convicted of reckless driving, it will remain as a criminal record. In the state of Virginia, you cannot have your reckless driving charges revoked by yourself.

  1. Fairfax County judges take Reckless Driving Cases severely and seriously

Fairfax County Traffic Court has quite a number of judges who control and supervise various reckless driving cases. Your Fairfax County attorney is familiar with the all the judges’ personalities. They know better how to deal with your case from judge to judge.

  1. You must have your attorney to request a restricted license if your driver’s license is suspended

If the judge has sentenced your driver’s license to be suspended, you need to submit an application for a restricted license. For this, you need to have an attorney.

  1. Your presence may not be required

If the defendant has been summoned to make an appearance in court, they can send their attorney on behalf of themselves. The defendant will not be obligated to present themselves in front of the judge. The defendant’s attorney can also negotiate a plea with the prosecutor without being present.

It is always recommended that the defendant lets their reckless driving cases be handled by their Fairfax County’s reckless driving attorney. Fairfax County, Virginia treats these cases very roughly. With an attorney by your side, you are in a much better position to face alleviated charges.